The Cessna T-50's 70th Anniversary Celebration at Oshkosh '09

This year's annual event at Oshkosh was full of amazing things to see and experience. Here's a great video compilation from "Airventure 2009".

Jon Larson, and the Cessna T-50's 70th Anniversary, at "Airventure 2009"

Jon Larson has long been known as the biggest supporter of the "Cessna T-50" type. (UC-78, T-50) Many feel that the aircraft type would not exist today, were it not for Mr. Larson's efforts. Naturally, the 70th anniversary of this great aircraft was promoted and overseen by Jon, and many of the pilots there had a great time discussing their Cessna T-50s. Among other things, Jon is the Founder and Leader of our Type Club, "The Flying Bobcats" and has been associated with this aircraft for over 50 years! He is free with his advice and the type would never have survived this long without him. Enjoy the album.

Photos are slightly compressed to create the movie below. If you'd like to download a zip file archive of Terry's very nice original photos, click here. (4.3 MB)

The movie below is about 21 MB, so give it a few moments to load.

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